100% Recycled Quartz Ware for Lab and Manufacturing Needs uses green technology to manufacture a large variety of high- purity fused quartzware in both opaque and clear forms. Laboratory and manufacturing/processing requirements are all potential applications for our products from recycled quartz, thereby, conserving the earth’s natural resources.

Laboratory quartzware includes microscope slides, cover slips, windows, trays, crucibles, lids, beakers and a variety of other quartz products typically used in a lab environment.

Our manufacturing/processing product line includes quartz crucibles for crystal growth and casting, solder pots, and a variety of quartz processing trays for both calcining and sintering. In fact, our quartz products have replaced traditional ceramic labware and ceramic calcining and sintering trays where high purity is required. Our products are found in many industries, including semiconductor, precious metal, jewelry and dental industries. In addition to our standard products, we also customize to your design requirements. For a broader selection of quartz products that service the manufacturing industry, please visit

Founded in 1975, we are an employee-owned, silica-based technology company whose mission is to deliver outstanding value, quality, product selection and service for your fused-quartz product needs. We are very aware of financial pressures and believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise quality and service to meet your budget constraints.

All of our quartz products are manufactured within the United States, using a unique molding process, which allows us to offer high-quality quartz shapes at a very competitive pricing structure. Our manufacturing processes and procedures abide by current ISO standards and we guarantee traceability on 100% of our products. We also guarantee that our products adhere to strict purity standards and will perform as represented by our literature and/or our technical staff.

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100% Recycled
100% recycled quartz to benefit Earth and future generations;
Guaranteed product properties and performance to benefit you. 
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